Bridal Party Gifts

Personalized & Unique Bridal Party Gifts

Contemporary Ribbon Tie Pearl Bracelets

The best way to have a successful and unique wedding is to pay attention to all of the details and we are here to help you with that. Take a look at our amazing collection of contemporary ribbon tie pearl bracelets that we have to offer. It goes perfectly with the matching necklaces and is great as a bridesmaid’s gift.

Our pearls and ribbons are available in many different colors for you to choose from, so they can suit your event style. These pearls come in crème, silver gold, black and white. Also our ribbons come in the modern colors you will love like lemon, pink, Caledon, apple, royal, peacock, navy and so much more.

These amazing gifts come individually packaged in a pretty organza bag. We also have to offer these lovely looking Swarovski crystal bracelets and decorative water pearls which will turn your celebration into the brightest event that anyone has ever attended.

Flip Flops

Check out these cute flip flops that we have to offer. This is the wedding gift at any beach celebration. Better yet it’s a gift that will be used over and over again. Gifts like this can’t leave anyone unsatisfied. They are comfortable and good looking. These customized sandals make your feet feel relaxed after a long night of walking and dancing.

This is the best gift that you can give to your wedding guests or the bridesmaids. These flip flops come in white or black with a custom block letter embroidery in many different colors like red, pastel pink, apple green, aqua, navy blue and so much more.

These wonderful gift sandals are made of durable rubber with the grosgrain foot straps. This is what will make your celebration more important and special!

Open Heart Medallion Necklace

We offer you our fantastic open heart medallion necklace which will please your wedding guests’ eyes in the best way. These wedding favors are perfect to share with people that are important in your life.

Choose your message cards out of five and the lovely gifts to the bridesmaids will be ready, and there is no doubt that this is the kind of gift that anyone would love.

These necklaces will do the trick at any rehearsal dinner or bridal shower. This is one of the best ways to say thanks and make your celebration be interesting and bright.

Cooler Backpack Chairs

Now this is definitely something you’ll need on any occasion and any big event. We present to you these wonderful insulated cooler backpack chairs which are perfect for relaxation and will perfectly fit to your celebration. They are exactly what you need for an outdoor event for example an outdoor bachelor or a bachelorette party.

You are able to store your drinks and food because the chairs packaged in 3-in-1 totes. The cooler is made of heavy-duty polyester and vinyl and has a U-shaped zipper closure. These backpacks have got the water bottle pockets and cushioned backpack strap. What more could you ask for?

There is more to it because it also has a sturdy metal frame that holds up to 250 pounds when it is used as a chair. It can be personalized with a block letter monogram for a more unique look which has a great variety of colors. Go ahead and pick your favorite colors, and make your party look beautiful and unforgettable.

Steel Banded Miniature Oak Whiskey Barrels

The best way to show your guests at your celebration how creative you are is have your event planned out really well and we know how you can do that. Start with these lovely steel-banded miniature oak whiskey barrels that we have to offer. They are needed not only for weddings but also for bachelor parties and rehearsal dinners.

This is what will fill your dinner with a unique and special atmosphere. They have wonderful designs and are made of solid oak and are reinforced with steel bands. The wooden barrels can be personalized with your names or initials for a more original look. Your guests are going to love this type of gift and there is no doubt about it.

You can find the instruction for cleaning, curing and sterilizing that comes with each barrel. It’s the best you read it before use. These barrels are good for aging liquor and are the most creative way to serve drinks. We can insure you that such favors will make you exceptional day even more special.

Personalized Tote Bags

Check out these amazing personalized tote bags that will fit in your event just fine and will make your party even more unique and creative. This will be the most loving gift at your bridal shower. It will be easy to carry and organize what is needed for the celebration and this classic black and white tote has got an outer pocket in addition.

This gift can be used over and over again because it has a durable canvas and is made of a top quality. These lovely tote bags can be personalized by adding an embroidered monogram or a custom message that your guests are going to love and will be surprised how well thought out your event is.

For the perfection add the custom made monogram flip flops and this fantastic personalized lip butter to your tote bags and you will certainly have the best day of your life.

Drop Pearl Earrings

We have got a very rich collection of wedding favors and gifts to offer in order for your celebration to be unique and memorable. Check out our drop pearl earrings that will go perfectly to any event and occasion. They are the best gift you can think of for the mother of the bride.

These fantastic earrings have a single pearl each in whatever color you wish, for example: light pink, pewter, silver, white and more, and the wire closure can be silver plated, gold plated or made of sterling silver for the more elegant touch.

Now if you are a true pearls lover then this is definitely what you will appreciate, and more to that you may choose the Swarovski crystal bracelets and decorative water pearls in our huge collection of wedding favors.


You probably know about our top quality, so speaking of quality take a look at our personalized tote bags which are made of 100% cotton. They are great gifts at your wedding and are extremely handy. This is the most creative way to carry your wedding accessories.

For a more unique touch they can be printed with the words “Bride”, “Bridesmaid”, or “Love Filled”. Put your names and dates on the bags to make them personalized. We can insure that your bridesmaids are going to love our Drip Knots and these lovely personalized travel cosmetics cases, especially if they are given in these tote bags!