Bridal Shower Favors

Personalized Bridal Shower Favors

Honey Jars

We know how to make your celebration the sweetest! Take a look at these cute mini personalized honey jars that will give your celebration a special sweet atmosphere. This is the kind of favor you need not only for a wedding but any big event like an engagement party.

These cute little jars are filled with a nice smooth honey that we all love. You are able to personalize each of the jar’s labels by adding your names or wedding date on them and that will give the jars a more original touch. They contain 1.75” oz of honey which is just about enough to fill you up with delight, and they come with the white organza ribbons and beautiful bronze bee charms.

These lovely ribbons and charms arrive separately. This is the ideal choice for your celebration. I mean, who doesn’t like honey? Also take a look at our wedding honey pots and personalized honey jar favors which will fill your celebration up with happiness and love.

Glass Mugs

Check out these personalized glass mugs which are what you have been looking for. It is the most unique way of serving hot drinks at your wedding of other important event. These crystal clear glass mugs are made in the United States and are good to carry both hot and cold drinks.

We promise you that your guests will be impressed. Just choose your favorite color that you think will suit your event the best and choose your favorite icon then enter your names and dates or a special message for the guest and there you have a unique and stylish glass mug.

Now all your guests have to do is fill them up with their chosen beverages and enjoy the warm and fuzzy atmosphere of your successful celebration. These glass mugs come in a bulk packaging.

Functional Silicon Spatula

Take a look at this functional silicon spatula favor which will make the bride happier than ever. This is the best idea for the wedding of a culinary master for example. This contemporary kitchen aide is made of sturdy stainless steel and silicon which has a color that is similar to Tiffany blue.

You can use this to create a special atmosphere in the kitchen. If you are trying to have a detailed wedding or some other big celebration than you have certainly came to the right place because here you will find everything to make your celebration extremely unique and special.

Personalized Mini Cookie Jars

We know how to make your guests feel welcome and highly appreciated. The best way to do that is to give your visitor these amazing personalized mini bridal cookie jars which they will admire, and thanks to these cute favors your relatives and friends will feel the bright and special atmosphere of your event.

These wonderful cookie jars can be filled with your favorite bite sized biscuits, brownie bites or something else that will be interesting for your wedding guests. All you have to do is just pick your favorite design that you think will match the atmosphere of your celebration the most and you can be sure that your event will be successful and surely remembered.

Heart-Shaped Compact Mirrors

In our big and fancy collection you can find these lovely looking heart-shaped compact mirrors that will certainly fill your celebration with a special and romantic atmosphere. These go well as bridesmaids gifts and bridal showers favors because there is nothing more adorable that heart shaped mirror.

They are polished and looking perfect for your wedding. All the silver-plated plastic compacts have durable hinges and snap plus two mirrors in between.

They arrive separately encased in black felt pouches. We can insure you that this is the perfect choice for a beautiful and unforgettable wedding. Also don’t forget to check out these wonderful personalized round compacts that are the other lovely items for your celebration.

Tea Sachets

If you thing it is impossible to turn a small tea party into a major event then we can show you how it could be done. It is possible with our lovely packaged tea sachets which are good gifts for your event. They are good both for the serving or giving them to your guests as favors.

Your family and friends will be truly impressed when they will see these tea sachets especially the tea lovers will be more then thankful! With these favors your conversation of a nice and warm cup of tea will turn into a true celebration.

Each sachet is separately packaged in pretty looking triangle boxes and yields two cups of tea. They are filled with natural whole leaf teas and rough-cut herbs. You can present these cute favors with our lovely custom ceramic dripping trays to make your table look fantastic.

To enjoy your tea all you have to do is just unwrap the protective cover of sachet and stand the infuser in your cup. Pour some boiling water in the cup and the job is done. These awesome favors are offered in the pretty ribbon boxes with twenty sachets per each box.

You are able to personalize these items with the custom labels which are available in soft green color coordinated with the tea sachets. Just put the label across the center of the pyramid shaped box and that will do the trick. The custom labels are sold on a separate sheet that has 45 labels.

Don’t forget to look at our lovely mini oval labels as they are so pleasant. Choose the best for your wedding and add more creativity to your celebrations atmosphere.

Candle Holders

Everybody loves sweets from children to grown folks, and speaking of sweets we have got just what you need for your party. Check out these mini cupcake candles and lace wedding candles. The only thing that you are going to hear from your guest is “mmm…can I have some more?” or “they are delicious!”.

There is more where that came from. Look at these wonderful rhinestone votive candle holders which will bring joy and success to your celebration. They shine bright with rhinestones and these candle holders add just about enough sparkle to your party. You can also use these candle holders as decor for your bridal shower or as a gift which would be a perfect idea as well.

Fall Leaf Bottle Opener

We offer you our fall leaf bottle opener which is the most creative way to open bottles at your event. They feature a bronze-colored maple leaf and easy-open loop bottle opener. They arrive packaged in fall-themed boxes with a beautifully leaf-decorated back.

This is the ideal choice for any party from a big and fancy wedding to a simple barbecue with friends. These small details create the party of your dreams because when the guests will enter your event they will deeply feel the atmosphere of you brilliant celebration and with these favors your party will certainly be filled with only joy and happiness!