Asian Wedding Favors

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Personalized Wedding Favor Packs

If your goal is to have an extremely original wedding then you certainly have come to the right place. We know how you can pack wedding goodies in a fashionable and unique way. Check out our Personalized Wedding Favor Packs. This is the ideal choice for your wedding which ensures you that your celebration is going to be successful. Also, these favor packs include treats which are super tasty and which your guests are going to enjoy so much that they won’t be able to forget your wedding!

Asian Paper Favors

We know how you can add more creativity to these Paper Favors. All you need to do is just pick glossy or matte paper then pick the icon from our great selection or you can submit a personal picture. Then just select the frame option where you’ll find a big variety of different and interesting designs and add your names or special messages which will be on the back and can have up to three lines and a maximum of forty-five characters. When all of that has been done just pick a nice treat to include for example Jelly Belly, Mini Haribo Gummi Bears or Jordan Almonds which will please your guests in the best way and will make the whole celebration look fantastic and incredibly unique. What is the first thing that the guests pay attention at as they walk into your wedding? Definitely, details, because they add a more romantic atmosphere to the event and give the wedding a unique and a fulfilling look which we all desire to see when we go to such celebrations.

Asian Favor Boxes

Check out these nice looking Favor Boxes which are covered in the Asian brocade fabric. We can ensure you that your guests are going to love this wedding favor. There is no doubt about it. These boxes are to be filled with the nice treats like candy or single truffles which add a sweet atmosphere to the special day. What you can do is line the box with plastic and use it in a little bud vase. How cute would that look? At the end of the event, you can hand these favors over to your guests which will make them extremely happy forever thankful. They are what you need for a nice treat like the white chocolate which everyone loves or these silver Jordan almonds. These boxes have removable lids and are sold in sets of six boxes. This surely what you need for a successful wedding day!

Wedding Asian Eco-Friendly Favors

We have everything you need for your special day, including Eco-Friendly Favors. Check out these awesome natural Bamboo Coaster Favors which will please everyone’s eyes at your celebration. These amazing favors arrive in the bamboo-green gift boxes with clear-view picture windows for your guests to take a peek at what’s inside of this lovely favor. Our natural Sea Breeze Bamboo Coaters will surely spread the fortune around your celebration. This is exactly what you need especially for summertime weddings, beach anniversaries and other different big events that have to do with the sun and the beach. They are sold in sets of four and they arrived in the pretty packaged gift boxes which look lovely and have see-through windows. They are finished off with a natural raffia tie to give it an exquisite appearance. They will look fantastic at your wedding. We promise that this is the kind of purchase that you will never regret! Also, you give these favors away to your guests as they leave and that will surely impress them. What is important while planning a wedding is think the whole celebration through really well and consider each and every detail. We understand that a wedding is the romantic and the most important day for love couples and that is exactly why we’re here to help you by offering our great collection of top quality wedding favors that will certainly make your celebration fabulous and definitely unforgettable for you and your wedding guests!