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Baptism & Christening Party Favor, Supplies & Decorations

Baptism or Christening is a very special celebration for any person, especially for baby or child. It’s a sign of initiation, regeneration, and devotion. In other words, it is a Christian religious rite consisting of immersion or sprinkling with water as a sign that the subject is cleansed from a sin and constituted as a member of the Church. Baptism is one of the main Christian sacraments, the ritual that is made upon the children as well as adult people who accept this religion. Usually, a child Catholic Christening is made upon the achievement of the age of 7-12 years. Such age scope is explained by the fact that person should be prepared for this sacrament in advance and understand with full consciousness that christening of the soul by means of water is the eternal alliance with Lord. While in Orthodox Church, this rite can be held on the eighth day after the birth. If it concerns the adult, then a confessor-abbot or any other priest holds a discussion with this person. He or she has to be acquainted with general Christ Commandments, which is necessary for execution by the religious ceremony as well as corresponds with main concepts of the Catholic religion. When the confessor decides that the person is ready, he starts the process of christening. This process is rather enigmatic and contains the whole sacrament essence of this rite. The christened person should keep to Dominical Commandments and attend the church for the service.

Baptism Celebration

Baptism symbolizes for our membership in the covenant community. What we celebrate in Baptism today is surely the mighty work of God in the hearts of children and adults to show them repentance and faith in Christ. They are baptized in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit and we celebrate the involvement of the Godhead in their conversion and newness of life in love and joy that Jesus gives. Therefore this spiritual celebration should be on the highest level and express your devotion and love. Baptisms reflect religious as well as cultural and social traditions. And this process certainly involves a number of details from a planning perspective. This event will need particular spiritual elements that can empathize with the sacrament meaning of the celebration. And your task is to hold a big responsibility and make everything to host a special Holy event. It will be useful to look for the specific accessories or decorations to compliment the party atmosphere. Visit our online shop where we present the great solutions for your Holy Event.

Baptism Party Favors

In our online store we offer unique options for all tastes and preferences and likewise, our catalog is full of items of all shapes and forms that ideally suit your Baptism occasion. Look at our stylish decorations and supplies and pay particular attention to the party favors. Offering your guests our christening favors is an optional and classy gesture necessary when you host a baptism or christening party. Such favors are given to people who attend this significant event and they can be real reminders of this special day. Besides, it is a great way to thank your attendees for taking time to be a part of this particular day. Use our cute favors to express your gratitude and love. You may browse our different christening favor ideas and be inspired by the immense collection. Don’t make your guests going home empty-handed and present them such simple and stylish party favors. Look for our favor bags that you can feel with gifts, chocolate or some homemade snacks; baby bottles, candles, ribbons, place cards and photo frames. Browse also our mini personalized baby brownie favor pops, blue sailboat tea light holders, candy scoop favors or mini dessert table party kit. They will be a great gift for your guests at any baptism party or christening event. Our elegant favors are a fantastic opportunity to say thank you for attending this sacred celebration.

Baptism Party Decorations & Supplies

Our beautiful christening decoration will ideally suit your ceremony. They can be a part of your planning for the gathering of family and friends. There is no doubt that the baptism sacrament is a real reason for such special day and with the following reception being a great ending to this wonderful event. Surely you want everything to be perfect for your festivity and that is why you should look for stylish baptism party package in our store. View different balloons, crepe paper, banners, confetti, ribbons, and centerpieces. It is also important to not forget about party supplies, especially tableware that is a great component of your party trimmings. Everything should be matched to the specific theme, chosen in accordance with your interests and occasion. You may find lots of theme-related options for any taste. A traditional symbol of Baptism is a Holy Cross and it should stand as a part of your decoration. Your guests will surely enjoy our adorable crosses in all shapes and forms. Find these signs in our glitter cross votive candles, religious milk favor jars engraved cross keepsake or cross Rhinestones candle favors. Another important symbol for Baptism is an angel and we offer such items like the angel champagne flute candles, crystal angel keepsake, angel bookmark favors etc.

Christening Party Favors: Take The Advantage

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