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Bar & Bat Mitzvah Party Favors, Supplies & Decorations

Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah are called Jewish boys and girls when they become adult. Such ceremony is also known as a passage from childhood to grow-up life. Such notions can be translated literally a son or daughter of commandments. Jewish concepts of maturity are different from ours. Usually, people become mature at different ages. For example, the person can be physically mature, but not emotionally. Jewish tradition distinguishes maturity as a capacity to take responsibility for actions. According to Jewish law, for girls, this age is 12, and for boys – 13. At this age young people come into relations with God that are called covenant. So these notions concern a Jewish religious full age.

Bar Mitzvah

When the boy reaches the age of 13, this is a big reason for the family celebration. Incoming Sabbath day after this date, the most of boys are called to pronounce blessings for Torah. Some children learn how to read in proper way certain or hole part of Sidra (week chapter) of this Sabbath. This demands serious training and boys learn the text which they will read during lots of weeks. In some other synagogues, boys are allowed to read in case if they passed an exam in advance. The necessity to pass the exam is one more incentive and it makes boys study to get a sufficient result. The majority of rabbis also check whether the boy preparing for bar mitzvah has got tefillin and whether he can make use of it or not. On Sabbath day, boys are called for reading Torah and friends and relatives come to listen to it at the synagogue. Some of them are given the honor to be called for saying blessings concerning the Chapter. When the boy finishes reading, his father says the words of gratitude to the lord that he could bring up such boy. In the homilies, a rabbi usually congratulates the boy and says some parting words and expresses encouragement. After this ceremony, everyone adjourns to chic banquets and receptions organized in a honor of matured boy.

Bat Mitzvah

On contrary with Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah means the maturity of girls. In the most synagogues, such ceremonies are conducted for the girls who reached an age of 12 years. This also can be called bat hail which is translated literally as “daughter of perfection”. They should learn the rules of Sabbath, holidays and kashruth as well as the history of Jewish nation, prayers, and blessings. Sometimes they visit mikveh and after that pass an exam for all studied subjects. It is also necessary to write the essay on different aspects of a life of Jewish woman. Bat Mitzvah ceremony usually takes place on Sunday. In a girls’ honor synagogue is decorated with flowers, and friends and relatives come to support them. They should read chosen extract in Hebrew and in the end, the girls receive the siddur (prayer book).

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Party Organization

After the official ceremony parents organize festive reception where they invite only the closest people. As this event is rather important for a mature boy or girl, you have to be particularly attentive when you start planning it. You should consider a lot of things, but don’t make its pomp. It isn’t accepted in Jewish religion and everything should organize with a great style and taste. In some way, it may appear difficult and bothersome, but if you become more careful and make a plan, it will be easier for you to cope with this task. And we will assist you with our great delight. Use our online shop to find the best accessories and decoration for your particular event. We offer unique solutions for your sacred ceremony and everyone will definitely receive pleasure from your reception.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Party Favors

The celebration of your child’s coming age is rather a big affair. While planning this party, you can set the tone with cute invitations, decorations, and supplies. And don’t forget about party favors for your guests. It is a great opportunity to show your love and gratitude for the guests’ coming. They will be so pleased about receiving such meaningful gifts. Your relatives and friends will certainly see how much you care about them and will get more delight during your celebration. Besides, these party favors are real reminders of your event. And the people who attended your special party won’t forget this day for years to come. Choose some stylish keepsakes in our online store and you will achieve the goal. Look our sweet mini candy jar favors, bar/bat mitzvah mini tins, custom color cookie fortune, mini cupcake candles, damask favor bags and so on. Show your appreciation with these personalized bar/bat mitzvah labels, birthday candy bags, notepad favors, lip balm party favors etc. Pay attention to the frosted glass photo coasters, birthday party tea bags, bar/bat mitzvah chocolate bars and much more! Party favors can be anything from candies to candles, toys to trinkets etc. You won’t forget this day same as your guests and they will thank you for such great opportunity to meet and share the joy of this day.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Party Supplies & Decorations

Party decorations play a great role in your bar/bat mitzvah occasion. They set the tone for the event and create a wonderful festive mood. While choosing some particular accessories remember that they should keep to your certain theme and be stylish and ceremonial. We offer great theme-related products to compliment your party. In our store, you will find the party decorations for any taste and preferences. Look our cutest mini candy dispensers, birthday caramel corns, purse shaped manicure sets, birthday candy bags and much more. You will certainly love such butterfly bookmark favor, acrylic favor box, tower place card holders or themed party kit etc. As regards to supplies don’t forget about hand sanitizer, bar/bat mitzvah bottles, stemless wine glasses, clear plastic cups, tea light holders and paper plates. You will adore these chevron spoons, milk jars and straws, drink labels, stripe party cups and so on. Your celebration will surely get a success with our fabulous party accessories. Find inspiration here and show your guests your creativity. Make your Bat/Bar Mitzvah party the most memorable event and everyone is sure to remember it for years to come. Shop with pleasure at our website as we present the most affordable propositions. Now it is so easy to shop online!