Beach Wedding Favors

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The Best Wedding Favors. Personalized Bubble Bottles

Now, this is exactly what will brighten up your wedding, these lovely Personalized Bubble Bottles. They are what you need for the place settings and favor tables. These bubble bottles look really cute with a stylish design. They come with the separate self-sticking labels. There is a great choice of many different colors and designs. You can make them look even more unique by customizing them. Simply add your names or dates and your guests are going to love it. The labels for the bottles come separately. The minor assembly could be needed.

Wedding Wooden Place Card Holders

Okay now, these Rustic Wooden Place Card Holders are what you’ve been looking for if you wish to create a special nature atmosphere. These lovely and unique looking place card holders are made of real wood and they have a nice little slit in the top to display your favorite pictures.

This is the best choice if you are willing to have a rustic wedding theme or a wedding in the countryside. We sell them in the sets of four and the ones that have matching place cards that come individually pre-cut. Your guests will be really pleased to see them! There is nothing that can bring a special atmosphere to your celebration like small details that have to be thought through while planning the wedding.

Wedding Peppermint Patties

We know the best way to cool off at the wedding in the summertime, check out our personalized York Peppermint Patties! Your summer event will never be too hot with these incredible wedding favors. They have a really nice taste and are extremely refreshing. What else do you need at a hot summer celebration? They come individually wrapped with the personalized labels. All you have to do is just pick your favorite colors and designs and then put your names or dates on them to make your guests fall in love with your unbelievably unique wedding!

Wedding Goodie Bags

All of us love to take something home from a big celebration. Well, we’ve got just the thing for your wedding guests! In our rich collection of wedding favors, you’ll find our Goodie Bags that we have to offer. This is a fashionable way to carry different wedding treats and trinkets. They come in different colors and have flat bottoms. So go ahead and fill them up with something interesting for your guests and you’ll have the best wedding ever!

Wedding Cards

Check out these lovely Cards that come with different designs and colors. They are made of handmade paper that’s embedded with seeds. You’ll find the instructions for planting and everything on the back. These eco-friendly love notes will certainly make your guests feel warm and welcomed at your celebration. They are good for a green wedding and spring bridal showers. You are able to personalize these cards by putting your names or date on them. That will make them look original and distinctive.

Seed Favors

Your spring themed wedding will look fantastic with our Plantable Seed Favors! These white buckets are filled with plantable paper favors which are shaped as flowers. All you have to do is put it in the soil and have watered well and you’re going to impress your guests in a way that they’ll never forget your wedding. Also, they can be personalized with these lovely ribbons which are in different colors for you to choose from. A custom printed white tag with up to three lines of text that you desire of forty-five characters per line will add more bright. And your special day will be the best! Let love last forever and ever!

Heart Shaped Glass Masterpieces & Water Pearls

Our Heart Shaped Glass Masterpieces will fill your wedding with even more love and passion. All you have to do for the perfection is to put some lovely flowers of your choice into these glass masterpieces and give them to your wedding guests for them to be more thankful than ever. These vases can come with the custom-printed static-cling stickers in any color you choose. They are available in sets of four.

We also offer you our outstanding decorative Water Pearls which will add more creativity to your wedding. This type of decoration will be perfect for bridal showers and engagement parties. What you need to do is add some water and suddenly they will turn into lovely little spheres. Just choose the ones that you think are most suitable for your event. For example: crystal clear, pastel pink, white, lemon yellow or jet black. You name it. What else do you need to make your wedding look fantastic and unforgettable?

Wedding Candles, Coolers, and Flasks

We’re going to make your dream come true by offering you these amazing colored Floating Candles that will turn your celebration into the biggest and richest one! They come in a huge variety of vibrant colors like royal blue, white, ice blue, purple and so much more. They last about six hours which is enough to fill your wedding with a special atmosphere. They come with six candles. Also, check out our Personalized Leather Koozie which is different from all the other coolers. Your wedding guests are going to love them.

It has been proven that a detailed wedding is the successful wedding and we have all the details that you need! Check out this variety of our Personalized Beer Belts. All the men are going to fall in love with this kind of wedding favor. They are able to carry six standard twelve oz. cans of any beverage that you wish to drink at the wedding. These belts go around your waist and will fit anyone. They are made of waterproof black fabric and they have the sturdy clasp that’s attached to the back. Also, they can be personalized with initials embroidered on the belt’s front placard. This is an ideal choice for any wedding.

In our big collection of high-quality wedding favors you can also find these fantastic Satin-Finished Wingman’s Flasks. All of them come with the satiny gunmetal finishes and they have the incredible colorful designs. Also, you can customize them with a special message in fifteen characters. Your guests are going to fall in love with your unique and special wedding.

These flasks can hold up to eight oz. of any of your favorite beverages. What’s a wedding without nice flasks? They aren’t only perfect at the wedding but also at any kind of other big parties like bachelor parties or rehearsal dinners, one way or another, this is the ideal choice which will make you and your guests never forget the event.