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Personalized Bridesmaid Gifts

Flourish Monogram Necklace

Check out our flourish monogram necklace which is the perfect gift at a wedding and other big celebration. It looks fantastic and it could be personalized. The brides will certainly admire it from the moment they see this gorgeous necklace. This perfect wedding favor has surely a classic style and is offered in many different colors that you will love.

Floating Monogram Filigree Necklace

The custom cut floating monogram filigree necklace is a nice looking, personalized favor and that is just what you have been looking for your celebration to satisfy your guests. The person who will receive this incredible gift could use the item for a long time. This is a highly personal gift and it is the best for engagement parties and bridal showers. Present the gift to whom you choose before the ceremony and the person will be in the best mood for the rest of the event.

Vegan Leather Handbags

Check out these fantastic vegan leather handbags which are extremely stylish. They will perfectly fit any of your celebrations and will make the person who receives this gift happier than ever. All you have to do is pick your favorite color which you think will suit your event the best and the most unique design which is also offered to make the gift super special. That way your guests will never forget your beautiful celebration.


Now when it comes to the jewelry we can help you with that in the best and fastest way possible. In our great collection of wedding favors and gifts, you will be able to find this lovely looking beaded foot jewelry that will decorate any of your guests’ feet. It will suit anyone and you can be sure that this is the best gift to present at a wedding party, bridal shower or any other big event.

Personalized Pashmina

Our personalized pashmina is a fashionable and trendy wedding accessory. It is super luxurious and unique and will definitely do the trick. This is the ideal choice when it comes to picking the gifts for the bridesmaids. When they will see what you have prepared they are going to be so impressed that will certainly never forget the gift and your special day. You can personalize the gift by adding the names and date on it. That will make the wedding pashmina look even more unique and surprising.

Floating Monogram Bangle Highlights

Check out our amazing floating monogram bangle highlights which is just what you need for your special event. This is a very nice way of the thanking the bridesmaids. They are going to fall in love with the gifts as soon as they will see these wonderful bangles, and that is guaranteed! Those cute things have an extremely classic design and are very elegant. What could be better for the favors at such big celebration like a wedding? Personalized Lucite Trays Our personalized Lucite trays are a fantastic idea for your wedding. We can tell you why, because this is what you need when it comes to adding style to the event. They are made of heavy-duty plastic Lucite and are available in three options of your choice. Select the design that you think suits your event perfectly and the trick is done. This is the most fashionable way to carry drinks and food at a big event. You can arrange them with candles or flowers for the perfection.


Check out the hooded spa robe which everyone is going to admire. You don’t need to look for a spa because you can bring it to your bridal shower. The robe is made of lightweight fleece and has pockets, an adjustable belt, and flowing sleeves. It also can be embroidered with an encircled block monogram which has a big variety of colors. Pick the color that you love the most and you will give away the best gifts that there could possibly be! Don’t forget to look at our personalized travel toiletry totes which always come in handy.

Cutting Board & Survival Kits

Take a look at our cutting board set which will look perfect at your wedding or other big celebration. The set comes with two boards which are made of natural and sustainable bamboo so there is no doubt about its top quality. They are shaped as a bride and groom. You are able to personalize these boards with names or a special message. This is the kind of gift that anyone will appreciate and would be thankful and forever remember your celebration. These cute wedding favors are what get the party going. Take a look at these personalized bridesmaid survival kits which are true lifesavers. We can ensure you that you and your future spouse might need them. In their compartments, you will able to find two-band-aids, four bobby pins, matchbox, a pack of tissues and other things that are needed during big parties. You can personalize these kits by putting your names on their purses. You can choose a script monogram or a single script with your name or initials in pink, white, light orange, red, and aqua and many other different interesting colors for you to choose from.

Personalized Rhinestone Toggle Bracelets

Check out these stunning personalized rhinestone toggle bracelets which your ladies are going to love so much that they will never forget your event and will be extremely thankful. They are popular at big events like weddings and bridal showers but will go perfectly to any of the special celebrations. Each of the lovely bracelets has a circular rhinestone toggle charm with an amazing customizable rectangular charm insert. You are able to personalize each of them with your names to give the bracelet a more unique look so your guests will be surprised how well thought out your party is.

Rhinestone & Pearl Earring

We can ensure that this is exactly the kind of gift that your ladies will be expecting at your event. Look at these fantastic rhinestones and pearl earring. As soon as your guests will see them they are going to fall in love with them. They come in many different colors to satisfy our customers. All you have to do is just pick the color that you think will match your occasion and there you have it, the perfect wedding that everyone was waiting on! Each of these unique earrings has one 10mm glass pearl topped with one glittering 8mm rhinestone ball which makes the gift look incredibly beautiful and original. This is the ideal choice for any big celebration like the wedding, bridal shower and engagement party. They come in many different colors like crème, white, pink, pewter, silver and many more colors that will make the earrings look even more attractive. Now all you have to do is pick the color that you think will make the gift even more bright and special and you will make anyone who will get the gift feel really appreciated and happy!