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Christmas Party Favors, Supplies & Decorations

Christmas is the main holiday of all Christian people around the world. All Catholic, Lutheran and Protestant people celebrate it on December, 25, while Orthodox Church didn’t use the Gregorian calendar and that is why their Christmas occurs on January, 7. The exact reason why people celebrate Christmas on 25 of December isn’t known as well as the exact date of Christ’s birth. One version tells that all early Christians celebrated Annunciation Day on 25 of March. Adding 9 months to this date they received the day of Christmas. According to another version, one of the main Christian holidays replaced the celebration of winter solstice which all the pagans commemorated as the moment of birth of Sun God. 4 Sundays before Christmas, there is the Advent season – the time of fasting and repentance. The Catholic clergy usually wears the vestments of purple color. The day before the holiday, on Christmas Eve, people keep the strict fast and eat boiled barley or wheat corns with honey that is also called mixed porridge. At this day family decorates a fir tree and in the evening gather at their festive table. They celebrate this holiday till the 1 of January and each day of the Christmas octaves connected with the name of saint person, martyr or some evangelical pictures.

Christmas Traditions

For practically all people in the world, Christmas is the happiest and busiest time of the year. People from different countries celebrate it in different ways. The United States and Canada citizens decorate their homes with Christmas trees, wreaths and ornaments. The city streets look so beautiful and lovely with the colored lights and the sound of bells and carols can be heard everywhere. Children write letters to Santa Claus and tell what gifts they are willing to have. Lots of department stores have their staff wearing the Santa Claus costumes and listening to children’s requests. There also an old tradition to send Christmas cards to closest relatives and friends. Some give presents to their employees and colleagues. This holiday unites all people. One of the main symbols is certainly a Christmas tree. Friends and relatives get lots of fun trimming it with lights, tinsel, and brightly-colored ornaments. Traditionally presents are placed under the tree and children believe that Santa arrives on Christmas Eve and brings a lot of presents. They can place stockings and Santa will fill them with candies or fruits. In many countries, groups of people walk from house to house and sing Christmas songs. That’s all Christmas and when you prepare for it, you should approach this question with all responsibility.

Christmas Party

When the whole city is plunged into the festive Christmas atmosphere, now it is the time for you to decorate your own home and start preparations for the party. You want to create a special bright atmosphere that will evoke the deepest feelings in your guests’ souls. How is it possible not to appreciate these greeny-red colors that fill your surroundings? You choose each detail with love and even the smallest element can be a central accessory in your decorations. Try to consider everything and don’t forget anything. At the first time, the party planning may appear to be a real challenge, but if you get into the way and coordinate your efforts, the process will go easier and quicker. To simplify the task, you can make a to-do-list where you will enumerate everything needed for your party. This will eliminate the risk of omitting something and you won’t run to buy certain things at the last moment and worry about it. Put all details together on your to-do-list in order to make your planning easier and as a result your party perfect. And we will help you with finding cute decorations and great ideas... Visit our online store and look for the best solutions for your Christmas celebration.

Christmas Party Favors

Your Christmas Party will look particularly fabulous with twinkling and glittering decorations that clearly reflect winter and the Christmas theme. Your celebration won’t do without cute and gorgeous starts, red and green ribbons, namely everything that symbolizes coming holiday. These decorations will create a special magic mood and the celebration will be held on the highest level. Besides decorations, you should think over party favors. These are special stylish gifts that are given to your guests as a great appreciation for their attending your party. In our online store, we offer a wide range of great solutions for your guests. Show how you care about them by expressing your love and gratitude for these magnetic gifts. These favors are also unique reminders of your party, that’s why nobody should go home empty-handed and everyone will remember it for years to come. Browse our splendid can favor tins, personalized favor ribbons, party goodie bags, mini photo album favor etc. Your guests will be delighted with those operated photo candles, place cards, gold damask favor boxes and so on.

Christmas Party Decorations & Supplies

We present unique collections of party decorative stuff that will surely boost the mood of your guests. Everyone will be amazed by the festive atmosphere and will dream that this holiday never stops. Your celebration will be complemented with such snowflake card ornaments, holiday glass coasters, personalized chocolate bars, snowflake ornament with the gift card and so on. Think over the stylish crystal Christmas trees, colored decor party kit, jeweled votive holders, family tree canvas and much more. As you can see all our products are theme-related and you surely will find your best design. And don’t forget about supplies as you will certainly have something to choose from. Look our adorable holiday themed banners, stemless wine glasses, holiday glass mug with handle, holiday wine glasses, candy cane spreaders etc. Browse teapot infusers, water bottle labels, ceramic holiday plates or personalized cutting boards. Make your holiday the most unique and memorable event! Hurry up to visit our website for the Christmas party ideas. Shop with pleasure and prepare for this big day. Christmas is coming and you will be ready to meet this gorgeous holiday.