Edible Wedding Favors

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Wedding Favor Pops

We are proud of our incredible wedding collection which we happily present to you. We have these yummy Wedding Favor Pops. They have the attractive chocolate coating and a delicious brownie center. You and your guests are going to love their taste. These amazing favors are wrapped in the cellophane bag with an organza bow. They can arrive packaged either individually or as a pair. They have fantastic design. We also offer the wedding tags which are sold separately. Also, check out these Holiday Brownie Favor Pops or the Exclusive Monogrammed Brownie Favor Tops to make your wedding unforgettable.

Wedding Cookies

We offer you our bride and groom chocolate Oreo cookies which have a fantastic taste. They are covered in chocolate and so look like a bride and groom. They have just wonderful designs. This is an ideal choice for your guests to feel the warm atmosphere of the wedding. They are all individually packaged in see-through bags. You can choose the ones that are most suitable for you, for example, there are 2 skin tones available for the bride and you can pick the color of the flower as well. Also, the color of the ribbon will match the flower that you pick. These cookies go great with bridal showers and engagement parties.

Chocolate Treats

In our great collection of wedding favors, you can find our upper tasty personalized Wedding Mint Chocolate Candy packs. You’ll have a lot of them in a cute little package. You’ll be able to customize any of the candies with a nice photo or a special message. There are many printing options for these sweets. Choose your color, design, and font. They arrive in personalized jelly belly bags. With these treats, your wedding won’t only have a nice atmosphere but will be remembered forever. I mean, who doesn’t like chocolate? And there is way more to it. We could not forget to offer you our Flip Flop Chocolate Oreo Cookies that have an amazing taste and which will make you say yum all the way to the bridal showers. Also, these flip flops can be customized. Just pick the colors and choose either white chocolate or black one. You can arrange them however you want, whether take them home and give them to your guests or display them for the unique look, they will still make your wedding sweeter and more lovable. These sweets stay fresh for 3 months so you won’t have to worry about them running out of the time. They arrive individually packaged and tied with a color coordinated ribbon that gives it an extra cute look. After your wedding has finished your guests will be sure that your celebration was the best that they ever have to attend.

Fortune Cookies

Now to make your wedding more detailed and interesting we offer you our Custom Color Fortune Cookies. These fortune cookies will certainly bring more fortune into your life. These incredible cookie favors come in vibrant hues. There are many colors to choose from like brown, blue, orange, pink and yellow. So pick a color that you think is most suitable for you, pick your favorite flavor, for example, chocolate, blueberry, orange and raspberry and once you’ve picked the colors and flavors you can put up to 3 lines of custom text. You can have more than 3 lines of text, just make a separate order. They are wrapped in cellophane and are always fresh. These cookies will please your guests in the best way.

Wedding Water Bottles

Now a wedding is a really special and big event and apart from smoothes, wines and other drinks sometimes you want to drink just some water. And we will gladly help you to organize the water for your wedding in a creative and unique way. We present to you our Personalized Water Bottles which contain fresh spring water and 100% recycled plastic. All of the bottles in the set are wrapped in a sleek waterproof vinyl label. Just pick your favorite design and input names and dates. You and your guests will be drinking the water out of these unique water bottles and will be feeling the special atmosphere of this exceptional wedding day.