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First Communion Party Favors, Supplies & Decorations

First Communion is a traditional feast for Catholic Church connected with a child’s adoption of the sacrament of the Eucharist for the first time during the liturgy. In the most Catholic countries, the first communion is made upon children of 7-10 years. Usually, they prepare for this rite for the whole year or more long time, learning the science of catechization. First Communion is preceded by the first confession. The day when the child receives a communion for the first time is the most important day in the life of Catholic family and parish, which is reflected by different means and customs of various nations. While holding mass, the attention is paid to Catholic teaching of the Eucharist. Usually, people visit the first communion with lighted candles that symbolize the Christ light. Its essence consists in tasting the Divine Body and Blood under the mask of bread and wine. On contrary with Orthodox Church, Catholic religion implies the unflavored bread. A child should receive the communion when he or she has some general awareness of the faith and religious beliefs.

First Communion Party Ideas

The day is particularly special and sacred for a young Christian and it should be celebrated in a proper way. It is a special time and it is welcomed to celebrate with family and friends. Whether you are going to organize this party as a small gathering at home or a large event with a great entertainment, it is still exceptionally important occasion that you want your child remembered for years to come. That is why the biggest challenge that can appear to you is the party organization. Your task is to organize a celebration that will offer a fun for everyone, for adults and children. If you consider everything and plan it with care and respect, the party will become memorable for all your guests. But this task may bring an extreme anxiety to you, and in order to accomplish it, you will have to take it quite seriously and attentively and then it will be much easier to plan this occasion. To simplify the process of this organization, you can create a special to-do-list where you will include all necessary details for your party. With its help, the risk that you will forget something becomes lesser. By making a plan and follow it, you will achieve the goal and will realize that this activity can bring lots of fun and delight. And we can help you to make this process simpler. Visiting our online shop, you will find lots of things necessary for your First Communion celebration. Look our unique collections and throw a Big Party that your child will be sure to remember.

Personalized First Communion Party Favors

When you plan such party, you should think over different decorations and supplies that are real helpers in boosting the party mood. Such special items will deepen the sacred meaning of the first communion and will plunge everyone into an enigmatic religious atmosphere. Everyone will be stricken and charmed by these powerful surroundings and clearly feel your devotion and love to the Lord. Another thing to consider is certainly personalizing party favors, given to your guests. It is impossible to imagine the celebration of a loved one’s First Communion without presentation of special gifts to the guests. You should give the special favors that reflect the occasion as well as person’s interest. It is old tradition to please guests with these little charming items and it also concerns the first community celebration. Look our honeycomb candles favors, mini photo album favors, organza favor pouches, glass party favor jars and so on. If you want to express your gratitude for attending this celebration, browse also the lip balm religious favors, hand decorated cookie cakes, pillow favor boxes, flower gift boxes etc.

First Communion Supplies & Decorations

When the ceremony is over, the guests adjourn to the party. And the first thing they will see will be decor. This will affect the tone of the entire event, so make sure that your decoration will create a tasteful ambiance that expresses the solemnity and beauty of the day. Certainly, your style approach should concern the religious theme of communion and its significance in the Christian life. Therefore you should choose pictures, tableware, wall decorations that will reflect the Christian symbols. The most commonly used signs are the cross and angel. Use your creativity and find your inspiration here with the attractive color options, textures, shapes that carry out lots of themes and help the room become appealing and inviting. Adore such religious Hershey’s miniatures, tea light holders, top favor tins, party cake bags and so on. You will love our confetti balloons, religiously themed custom cookies, religious seed card favor, candle place card holders etc. Your party will have a great success with our bow decorations; disposable placemats, magnetic picture frames or oval party favor gift tags. If you need some party supplies and table furnishings, then look at the next options. We offer the different cup and saucer sets, honey jars favors watering cans, party Koozie, cookie cutters, heart-shaped tea infusers etc. Consider the following mini julep cups, party stemless wine glasses, plastic religious cups and much more.

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We are certainly great helpers in planning celebration of this solemn religious occasion. Our catalog is full of various party ideas that will strike even the most fanciful customer. We are sure to meet all your demands and assist you in creating a grandiose party for your child’s first communion. Your order will be quickly processed and you will receive your purchase within the specified time right to your door. If something will go wrong, we will notify you in advance and compensate for these inconveniences. Of course such situations happen rarely, but in any case, we are ready to refund your money. As regards price, we are glad to declare that we offer the most affordable solutions for your first communion celebration. Now it is time to be economical and to buy high-classed products at a good cost. Besides, follow our latest news to get some extra discounts. Hurry up to shop our greatest first communion party decorations and favors.