Garden Wedding Favors

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Garden Wedding Favors

Personalized Plantable Herb Seed Card Favors

If your goal is to have an extremely unique wedding so everyone will be impressed and will never forget your wedding, well guess what? You’ve come to the right place! Our super huge collection will be really helpful and we know how detailed a wedding should be for it to be effective and original. We have exactly what you need for a garden themed wedding. Check out these Personalized Plantable Herb Seed Card Favors which will truly impress gardeners and everyone who came to celebrate. These favors feature the certified organic herbs which are embedded within the biodegradable paper. This is what will make your garden look fantastic! All you need is to choose the perfect spot then bring some water and that will do the trick. There is a big selection favor when it comes to herbs. So don’t rush and make your wise choice. Also, you can add your names and dates which will be on the cards that you can select as well as to pick the colors for them. And there’s way more where that came from! You can also find our Bloembox Flower Seeds and Mini Garden Shovels which areas need at your event as everything else.

Personalized Seed Packet Garden Wedding Favors

Check out these Personalized Seed Packet Favors which will turn your event into a true bright celebration filled with flowers and other different plants. This is the best way to get along with the environment. They are packaged in the hand-decorated biodegradable bags which make them so lovely. You can trust us with these wedding favors because they will truly turn your special day into a super special extremely attractive celebration which will make people remember it for a long time. The paper bags are filled with 14 grams of assorted wildflower seeds. They come with personalized labels that have a huge choice of colors and different interesting designs. The first thing you need to do is choose either a classic or a place card design. The classic designs have personalized labels that are attached to each bag. The labels for the place card designs come separately. Names and dates can easily be written on them to give them a special and unique look but we do recommend in this case use a fine point Sharpie for hand calligraphy for more perfection. The only thing that you have to do after writing your names and dates is just sticking it to the lovely bag and you’ve got yourself a successful celebration. When your guests will see this cute thing they will be amazed because they have never seen anything like this before!