Personalized Bridal Shower Favors

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Personalized Tea Bags

Check out these tea bag favors which will truly add a nice and cozy atmosphere to your celebration. This is the ideal choice for bridal showers or wedding receptions. Your guests are going to be so impressed by this most delicious tea. The tea bags are a traditional blend of flavorful black tea which will fill your celebration up with love and warmness. They come sealed in glossy foil envelopes and ready to be served at your wedding day. They have personalized labels so just chose to print names or dates on them and there you have the perfect wedding favor. The self-sticking labels arrive separately on a sheet. Small details like this will surely turn your wedding into the biggest and memorable one.

Personalized Goodie Bags

Take a look at our lovely goodie bags which will go great for your bridal shower or wedding. These bags are made of top quality paper and have self-sticking labels which seal the bag closed. There are so many options to choose from. For example monograms and names, and you are able to combine one of those two options with the “Love is Sweet” message that will add more romance to your event. All you have to do is just pick your favorite color that you think will look the best, then pick the pattern that you like the most and fill these lovely looking bags with something that your guest are going to love. The self-sticking labels arrive on separate sheets. This is the ideal choice for your wedding or bridal shower.

Personalized Garden Favors

When it comes to gardening, we are ready to help you and make your event look fabulous with these lovely plantable seed favors. All of the white buckets are filled with plantable paper favors which are shaped as flowers with heart-shaped centers. The paper has wildflower seeds which are to be put in the soil and watered. They usually grow very fast and will make your garden look magical. Also, the ribbons can be personalized, just choose your favorite color that you think will coordinate with your celebration the best and add a text up to three lines that will make this favor look stunning. Don’t forget to take a look at these fantastic personalized seed packet wedding favors and these personalized seed card favors which will surely turn your garden into a paradise.

Cupcake Tote and Glossy Chevron Printed Box

Are you still wondering what would be the best and the most elegant way to thank your guests? We know the answer to your question. Just send them home, when they are ready to leave, with sweet treats which they will truly appreciate. These sweets are wonderfully packaged in the lovely cupcake totes that have personalized tags; or in the glossy chevron printed box that has its own handle and a cute little window so the guests could peak to see what’s inside. This is exactly what you need for easily carrying cookies, popcorn or macaroons. Your guests will be forever happy and thankful for these kinds of favors. This is what turns a wedding into the biggest and most successful wedding!

Personalized Gerber Daisy Favor Boxes

If you are going to have a garden themed wedding then this is exactly what you need and right here. Check out these amazing Gerber daisy favor boxes that have personalized labels. The white favor box is topped with a large silk Gerber daisy that has a lovely looking yellow center. Choose the color for the daises that you think will look the best out of bright orange and hot pink, and you will have the most creative garden party ever. These boxes will arrive flat but they will pop-up for easy assembly. Also, you are able to add personalized labels that will match your chosen daisy color. We have got more to offer out of our garden favors, for example, these amazing flower gift boxes and personalized flower topped favor boxes that will add more beauty to your garden.

Personalized Chocolate Covered Pretzel Wands

Check out these extremely tasty and delicious chocolate covered pretzel wands that will turn your celebration into a magically sweet one. They are separately packaged and come in sets of two or four. Each pretzel stick is dipped in gourmet Belgian chocolate which is considered the best chocolate in the world and is drizzled with a colorful and super sweet accent. Their magic bags are sealed up really tight and are topped with personalized labels that give the bags that special unique look. Give out these favors to your guests and you can be sure that they will be impressed in the best way.

Personalized Mason Jars

We offer you these amazing mason jars which are made of top quality glass that is patterned with die-cut lids. The labels can be personalized for a special look. This is the best and most stylish way to serve different interesting drinks at your wedding or some other big and important party. All you have to do is just choose your favorite design that you think will match your event perfectly and then put your names or dates on these jars and there you have a perfect wedding favor. Also, these wedding favors can be purchased without the optional striped straws. When your guests will see these exceptional mason jars they will be highly impressed and will define your wedding from all the others because of all the creativity and details that provide a special warm atmosphere.

Personalized Scalloped Wedding Favor Gifts Tags

Our personalized scalloped wedding favor gift tags are so lovely that your wedding will never be forgotten! They have unbelievable design and interesting shapes which are sure to impress and surprise your guests. There are dozens of stunning designs for you to choose from, so go he headed pick the one that you think will coordinate with your event the best. You are able to personalize these tags with names or date for a more original touch or you can add a “thank you” message which will also do the trick. The tags will arrive separately cut and hole-punched. The perle-cotton strings are included with each of the sets for your convenience. The hang tags will look fantastic tied to one of these embossed favor bags or two-piece favor boxes that we have to offer as well.

Personalized Candy Bags

What could be better than a bag of treats at a wedding? Take a look at our fun themed candy bags which will surely set the right atmosphere at your celebration. They are just what are needed at engagement parties and bridal showers. These bags are made of durable top quality paper. They come with the personalized self-sticking labels and coordinating self-sticking satin bows. The bags have adhesive flaps to seal them closed. All you have to do is fill them up with the interesting treat for your guests to enjoy and your guests will be extremely thankful. Just choose your favorite theme and enter your names or dates and there you have it– the wedding of your dreams!