Practical Wedding Favors

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Bottle Openers & Heart Shaped Measuring Spoons

We have more to offer than you could possibly imagine. We have everything you need to make your guests feel welcomed and warm for your wedding or special event. We don’t only offer these high-quality products but also a cozy and special atmosphere for your wedding. In our collection, you can find our fantastic Bottle Openers. They are just what you need for a beachside celebration or summer engagement party. They have shiny chrome on top and look like stylish starfishes. They come to you packaged in the beach-themed box with a clear view panel. A lovely looking starfish could be the mascot for your event. Also, we have Heart Shaped Measuring Spoons with a great design. They are exactly what you need for a wedding shower. Nice words are also engraved on the handles of the spoons. They come in the fancy black gift boxes with a clear lid. This something that will make your guests love the event and remember it forever!

Cheese Stainless Steel Spreaders

If you’re planning a nice big wedding then we have just what you need! We have an incredible Cheese Stainless Steel Spreader with a wine cork handle. Our cheese spreaders have the unique design and the words “Vintage Reserve” on them. Our knives come in a clear-view box and are nestled in a bed of raffia. Wine lovers will never forget your event! Our favors will certainly make your event even more special. In our great collection, you can also find these stunning Wedding Votive Candle Holders that have unique designs and some of them are screen printed. They are really popular and they have the custom texts that suit your wedding or other events. Also, they can be used as shot glasses. This is the ideal choice for a nice memorable wedding or engagement party.

Good Luck

Many of us know that an elephant is a symbol of a good luck in many parts of the world. If you want to add some fortune to the event we have the Lucky Elephant Luggage Tags to offer. We’re sure that your guests will love them. They are perfect to be given at the wedding! At the end of the day, who doesn’t need more luck? Also, we are proud to present you our special Beaded Picture Frame which is what you need for the table at any wedding. This will never go out of fashion. Also, they can be used for many purposes. Their size is 4”x3” and they have a black velvet backing with gold and silver finishes. You can place photos into them which sizes have to be 3”x2”. Give these gifts to your wedding guests and be sure that they’ll love it!

Summer Events & Entertainment

If you’re planning to have a wedding during the summer then we’ve got just what you need. The Sandalwood Asian Fans will do the trick! They are professionally carved with an intricate design. This is a good way for your wedding guests to cool off fashionably. Our natural wood hand fans are adorned with white tassels. It’s a very good choice that comes in the white gift boxes with clear glass tops and of course, if they are to be displayed without the boxes you can choose the ones that go without them. Those are packaged in white packing boxes. If your fans personalized without the gift box, you can tie a custom hang tag around one of the side panels of the fan. Or if your fan is in a gift box you can decorate it with the ribbons or affixes with the monogrammed labels. We know how you can make your wedding memorable and even more special with our personalized matches. We have a wide variety of different colors and design for you to choose from. This will bring more light and originality to your special event. You can put names and dates on your favors or special messages for your guests. Also, we have self-sticking labels that are attached to separate sheet. Our collection doesn’t stop there! We also offer you these Mini Heart Whisks that bring that feeling of love. They are made of stainless steel and they have the heart topped handles. These go perfectly with bridal showers and romantic events. Mini Whisks are wrapped in a clear topped box and are tied with a white organza ribbon. Check out our collection of Themed Playing Cards that have individual labels. These are good for any kind of event. We know how to keep up your playful mood. We also offer you these personalized Poker Chips and Chocolate Casino Coins. Your guests should love this kind of entertainment!

Back to the Beach

Alright, now back to the beach! We have the best sun problem solution for you, our Sunscreens with Carabiners. This is what needed at any summer party or summer wedding. It’s made here in the USA and it has no PABA. It also has organic Aloe Vera and vitamin E. Also we have other summer favors like Flip Flop Bottle Openers, Personalized Seashells, and Beach Wine Charms. You and your guests won’t have to worry about the burning sun and will have a great time at your wedding or other special parties. You are happy as long as your guests are satisfied, right? When it comes to the beach events we have the widest variety of flavors that you need. Like these Seashell Tea Lights that we have to offer. We know that a special event requires details and these cute items are just what you need for your guests to be impressed and never forget the event. And for the tables, we have these Beach-Themed Tea Lights. Or you can give them to your guests as gifts which they will highly appreciate. These favors come in clear gift boxes and have to match “Thank you” tags.

Love Notes & Tote Bags

What’s a wedding without a love note? In our big collection of wedding favors, you can find our “Love Notes” notebooks. All of the notepads are enclosed in a durable, white plastic case. They have the matching mini pens that keep the case shut. This pen won’t put stains on your purse or bag. To personalize these cute things just enter your names and dates or a special message then choose the color that you want and it’s done. Take a look at our collection of Personalized Tote Bags which are good gifts to the bridesmaids or the other guests at your special event. They are made of 100% cotton and are exactly what your guests are going to expect. They are also very handy especially when it comes to a big day like a wedding. They aren’t designed only for the weddings but if a wedding is a case then words like “bride”, “bridesmaid” or “love filled” could be printed on them. If your goal is to make your celebration unforgettable then come to us!