Tea Bridal Shower Favors

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Unique Tea Bridal Shower Favors

Miniature Tea Tins

We have just the thing for true tea lovers. Check out these lovely miniature tea tins which will perfectly fit your celebration. These tins are filled with our finest loose leaf tea which will certainly satisfy your guests. We offer green and jasmine tea blends which are sealed tightly to keep all the freshness inside. These miniature tins come with detached lids which have elegant single leaves printed on them that make the tins look adorable. This is the ideal choice to give away as a gift which will certainly impress your wedding guests and tea lovers. They are just perfect for bridal showers and weddings. You can give these cute favors with or without personalization and either way they are going to be the success at your celebration. Who doesn’t like a nice and smooth cup of tea? These tea tins come in white only and can have enough tea leaves for five or seven cups. They can be personalized with our custom labels to give them a more original and special look. The tea tin is quite convenient because of its size and a wide palette of available colors. Go ahead and choose the colors that you think will match the style of your event perfectly and you can be sure that your guests will be impressed. The labels can have up to three lines of the chosen text. Each of the sheets includes eighteen labels. We ship these items without the labels on to prevent any kind of damage. We have much more different interesting colors and designs than you think, check out these lovely custom rectangular labels and these stunning custom oval labels that will also do the trick.

Personalized Coffee Favors

We have got just what you need for your guests that love coffee. Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world so we couldn’t forget to pay attention to this specific drink. Check out these personalized coffee favors which will definitely please the coffee lovers. You can present them to your guests at the wedding reception or you can put them in the welcome baskets along with these lovely heart shaped coffee scoops. These amazing personalized coffee favors come in many different interesting wedding designs that you are going to admire. They can be personalized with names and date or a monogram. Just choose your favorite color of the coffee pack out of red, silver and white and you are going to have a truly pleasant event. The labels will arrive separately.

Gourmet Teas

We all know how tea is important at any gathering, so this is what we have to offer - these incredible gourmet teas from Harney & Sons. You can be sure that all your tea lovers are going to enjoy their teas even more with these amazing favors. Harney & Sons tea is served at some of the finest hotels and shops around the world for example at the Ritz Carlton Luxury Hotel and the William Sonoma Gourmet Shop. This is the ideal choice for your wedding or any other important event because this superior tea won’t let you down but will only make your celebration unforgettable for you and your guests. Also, it is so popular at different wedding receptions and bridal tea parties. The lovely tins have 20 tea sachets and are certainly the perfect gift at any event. They are available in different interesting blends like Earl Grey, English breakfast, Citron green and Mutant white which will surely satisfy any tea lover!

Personalized Iced Tea Infuser

Look at these personalized iced tea infusers that will bring a true joy to tea lovers at your wedding or any other big party. This balanced tea will give you its peak flavor when coupled with ultra-modern flash chilling pitcher. This is definitely the ideal choice for any party with tea lovers. This tea will cool you off no matter how hot the party will get. Your guests are going to be so thankful for this favor and surprised how well thought out your event is. The iced tea pitcher set is just what you need for the bridal shower as a centerpiece of it and will be perfect as a gift. The refreshing ice tea is ready to be served anytime. The stacked, dual pitchers are made of high quality hand-blown heat-resistant glass. This iced tea infuser can brew up to twenty-four ounces of iced tea that everyone will truly enjoy and will highly appreciate. The collection comes with five individual tea sachets in irresistible infusions: Iced Ceylon Gold, Pomegranate Blackberry and much more. They will go perfectly to your summer bridal shower or any other big event during a hot summer. This is the perfect way to chill off within the minutes of joy and relaxation. You can add our personalized labels that measure one inch in diameter to give them a creative look that will add more originality to your celebration. Or you can sweeten your celebration up with these wonderful signature petit fours. One way or another, with this type of favors your party is going to be memorable for you and your guests.

Gourmet Hot Cocoa

We have got everything you need for successful and an unforgettable wedding or any other special celebration. In our big collection of wedding favors and gifts, you will find our fantastic gourmet hot cocoa which your guests will drink with great pleasure. We offer you the best hot chocolate that we all love. This favor will turn your celebration into the memorable event for you and your guests. Everybody loves hot chocolate but not everyone has tried this hot chocolate that we are offering. This incredible personalized hot chocolate is the ideal choice for any event. Every single serving of it comes sealed tightly in lovely looking white gloss pouch which contains 1.25 ounces of the powder drink mixture. You can find the instructions on the back of these pouches that explains how to mix their content to make the perfect hot chocolate. This favor will surely create the best memories for your guests with this smooth and sweet hot chocolate. The designs can be personalized with names or a monogram for a more unique touch. It will be awesome to present this hot chocolate with the personalized tea bags, coffee favors, cocktail mixes and cappuccino mixes that will certainly bring perfection to your special day!