Travel Themed Wedding Favors

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Tea Tin

Who wouldn’t like a nice and warm cup of tea? For your guests to have a relaxing cup of tea in the best way, we have just what you need. Check out these fantastic Pocket Sized Tea Tins. These tins have three round tea bags in them and are personalized with the unique looking printed labels. We are sure that your wedding guests are going to love them! They’re perfect for many different occasions like wedding, tea parties, bridal showers and many other different celebrations. You have a wonderful choice of Jasmine tea or low caffeine White tea which will make your guests feel nice and cozy at your event. You can find the instructions on the bottom of the tin.

Special Event

If your goal is to have a big unique celebration, then you’ve come to the right place. Check out these nice personalized Natural Cotton Wedding Favor Bags which will perfectly fit your celebration. They are made of eco-friendly unbleached cotton. There is no doubt about the top quality. There are so many design and colors for you to choose from, so you can personalize the bags with your names or dates. Also, you can select a custom art or images work for $45 at the bottom of the design list, which will give your bag a very creative and original look. The custom images have to be in white or black and have to be in jpg format. With these wedding favors your wedding is going to be amazing and we’re excited about it and are happy to help!

Personalized Candy Bars

Check out these delicious Personalized Candy Bars which will make your celebration so sweet and unforgettable. This is the perfect wedding favor for a Vegas wedding, for example, or bachelor parties and bridal showers. These personalized Chocolate Candies are kosher and are of a top quality Belgian chocolate. The fantastically tasty dark chocolate is wrapped in the beautiful gold foil or the smooth milk chocolate is wrapped in the silver foil. They have so many different interesting designs which all have to do with gambling in Las Vegas. These chocolates have the words ‘Thank you for sharing this special day with us” written on the back. When your guests see these chocolates, they will be so happy and impressed but when they try them the only thing that you’re going to hear is “mmm… this is delicious”! Your Las Vegas wedding is going to be the biggest and most unique for everyone to enjoy and never forget.

Personalized Candy Wrappers

Your wedding can get even more unique then you think! The chocolate bars shouldn’t have boring ordinary wrappers. How nice and detailed would it be if the candy wrappers would be personalized? Well, this is what you can find in our rich collection of wedding favors. These Personalized Candy Wrappers can fit two point six oz. For example a Hershey’s king size chocolate bar which would be the perfect choice for your special occasion. Your guests are going to be so thankful for your event that they’re going to wish they could have one every year!

Paper Napkins

We want your wedding to be perfectly planned out and detailed so your celebration will be bright and lovely. Imagine your wedding guests with our cute accessories like these Paper Napkins, which would certainly add a cozier atmosphere to your celebration. These Paper Napkins have the Eiffel tower on them and the words “Oh Paris”. Obviously, this would be perfect for a wedding in Paris but the truth is these napkins would be as needed and lovely looking at any wedding in any part of the world. They have a nice patterned background and are extremely stylish. These cute items will make your wedding guests love your celebration even more as you start serving them the brownie pops and personalized cake cookies. This is the ideal choice for any wedding because small details like this create the perfect atmosphere and make your guests feel warm and cozy.