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Party Favor Boxes. Unique Wedding Favor Boxes

What we know for sure is that themes as a trend are getting really popular when it comes to weddings and we’ve got just what you were looking for! It is important to go through the details of your wedding if you really want to impress your guests and make your special day unforgettable. In our collection, you’ll find anything that’s needed for your wedding party: different decorations, bridal party gifts and wedding favors. We have the kind of decorations and gifts which will match your style and will give your guests warm and welcoming feeling. The truth is that a theme could be used through the whole event making your wedding outstanding. One way or another it’s a perfect way to brighten up the special day. With this amount of cute and pleasant favors, a perfect celebration is possible. All you have to do is come up with great ideas for your big day and we’ll take it from there. Whether it’s an outdoor or indoor event, a winter or a summer wedding we have everything to give your celebration a special atmosphere that won’t leave your guests uninspired!

Exclusive Wedding & Party Favor Boxes

We offer you our super neat Favor Boxes that go perfectly with anything and anywhere. They can be filled with Jordan almonds or with nice trinkets. There are many colors and patterns for you to choose from so you’ll be able to create your own combinations. They come with matching tops and bottoms and you can make separate orders for other mixes and combinations. These wonderful Favor Boxes come all the way from Italy so there is no doubt about the high quality. Also for a different look, you can pair these boxes with the custom labels and personalized ribbons. That will give them an even more unique look. You can also find the white and ivory floral flavor boxes in our collection. This is the ideal choice for your wedding or engagement event. If you want to add some more romance to the wedding’s atmosphere then this is what you’re looking for. Our wonderful little Favors Boxes! They are made of wood print cardstock and have die-cut heart windows that show the word “Love” in the center. You can fill any box with special treats. To personalize your boxes all you have to do is enter your names or dates. There is nothing difficult as long as you’ve picked the ones you like.

Silver Wedding Favor Boxes

Also, our Silver Favor Boxes should do the trick. You can be sure that they will make your special event sleek and chic. They are elegant and are so nice looking at a wedding. They are made of a top-quality cardstock and have coordinating monogrammed tags that have scripted letter lasers cut into the paper. You are able to choose from 1 of 15 letters for the tag which you’ll afterward attach to the box with a ribbon or string that you like. You’ll receive them packed flat so some minor assembly might be required. We can ensure you that your guests are going to love these boxes at your wedding!

Cupcake Wedding Boxes

We have much more to offer then you think like for example the lovely Cupcake Boxes which will make your cupcakes look outstanding. These cupcake boxes are made of white cardboard and have clear display windows so your guests could see the nice treat inside. If you wish you are able to personalize them with the custom labels by entering your names or dates and it’s done. You’ll be happy to have bought these cupcake boxes after a successful and joyful wedding. Also, make your guests happy with gifts packed in the Vintage Airmail Favor Boxes. These travel inspired charms with the classic air mail prints will truly impress your guests. They will love the gift before they even get it! This will go perfectly at the vintage type of wedding.

Versatile Wedding Favor Boxes

We also have our Versatile Favor Boxes to offer which are extremely stylish. They are brought in from Italy and are made of a high-quality cardstock. They are available in ivory with the scored stripes running diagonally across the box. The inside of the box has lines with a pinstripe pattern. Also, they come with the separate lids. This is exactly what’s needed for the wedding because these types of decoration or gift will not only empress the guests but the loving couple as well. Your wedding day will turn out to be bigger then you thought! These cute boxes aren’t only good for a wedding but also with different anniversary parties, corporate events, and other big celebrations.