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Clear Top Tin Favor Boxes

We know how to help you with your wedding, understanding the importance of the occasion to love couples. In our huge and interesting collection of wedding favors, you’ll be able to find these cute little Clear Top Tin Favor Boxes. Whatever you put in them whether candies or refreshing mints they will look sweeter in these Tin Favor Boxes! When your guests will see these treats in the boxes they will fall in love with these gifts because that is the most adorable way how to appreciate them at your celebration. Each box features a removable lid with a little plastic viewing window so your guests can peek to see what’s inside. You can also put Personalized Labels and Personalized Satin Ribbons on the tops for a stunning look. We also have amazing treats to offer you which are as tasty as they look! It is no secret that these small wedding details will give your wedding a nice and warm atmosphere.

Contemporary Round Silver Tins

Check out the Contemporary Round Silver Tins that feature clear view tops and personalized labels. They can also have a text of your choice which will give the tins a more unique look and will surely impress your guests. These tins begging you fill them up with nice treats like M&Ms, Jelly Bellies or white mints. Of course, you can fill them up with your own wedding gifts as far as your imagination allows you. These tins arrive individually shrink-wrapped and ready for use on your special day! Also, we can take you back to the classics by offering you our Personalized Square Favor Tins and Mini Suitcase Favor Tins which are definitely so popular at weddings and engagement parties.

Heart Shaped Wedding Tins

Our cute little tins are just what you need at your wedding for putting different kinds of treats in them to truly make your guests happy. We offer you our imported Amorini Chocolate Hearts which are as tasty as they look. Your guests will never forget your wedding and will be forever surprised how detailed special day was! You can also put chocolates from your childhood and let your guests pick the ones they love the most. However you use these little tins filled with interesting treats, they will be serving you good at your wedding. You can personalize the favors with our Mini Oval Labels that will give the tins a special look. Our Heart Shaped Tins are available in silver or white. They are made of aluminum and they do not tarnish over time. We have a great collection of tips for you to choose, for example, check out our Round Favor Tins and Mini Candle Tins which will go as well as the other ones at your wedding.

Clear Pillow Favor Boxes

It seems as if our huge collection of weddings favors is endless! In our collection, you can find these lovely Clear Pillow Favor Boxes which are as much needed at you celebration as a wedding dress! They are the best and most elegant way to showcase the brightly colored sweets at your wedding. This is surely the best choice for the best wedding!