Wedding Ribbons

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Personalized Satin Wedding Ribbons

We know how important a wedding day is, that’s why we are here to help. Even if you are planning the most unique and detailed wedding then you’ve come to the right place because we have the biggest collection of incredible wedding favors that will create an amazing atmosphere at your wedding or an engagement party. So what we have to offer you for your special day are these beautiful Personalized Satin Ribbons that have names on them or date. When your guests will see the gifts and favors dressed up in these lovely ribbons they will be impressed in the best way. They can be used anyhow and at the different occasions like bridal showers or other big events and can be used for dressing up favor boxes and favor bags. They are personalized and have the double-faced satin ribbons. All you have to do is choose the color of the ribbon that you like most, and the paint color that you think is most suitable for you to add more originality to your color scheme. The personalized text can be up to 34 characters and the ribbons are printed with 2”-3” of space in between the prints. Also in our collection, you can find these stunning personalized favor ribbons that have texts printed on them that go nicely with skinny favors like the tea infusers or handles. This is a good way to make your wedding even more special and make your guests never forget your celebration!

Wedding Favor Bags

We are proud to present you this lovely Favor Bag which is perfect for packing sweets, truffles and other little things. These bags have the handles so they are easy to carry. This is an ideal choice for any celebration like a wedding or an engagement party. They are transported here from Italy and come in different colors for you to choose and only of a top quality. You can also personalize these bags by tying the Custom Hang Tags on the handles which will give the lovely bags a unique look. Or you can use a Personalized Designer Label for the desired effect. These bags will look just lovely on the tables near the entrance or on the seats and your guests will truly appreciate this gesture!

Personalized Color Satin Favor Bags

Check out our Personalized Color Satin Favor Bags which are exactly what you need for your special day! These favor bags will make your gifts even more exceptional. Your guests will love the gifts that are given in these lovely things. The bags have the satin drawstrings and they come in different colors and sizes. So pick the color you like and the size that you think is most suitable for your occasion and you’ll be happy with your purchase. You can customize them with different designs and personal messages with the maximum of 25 characters per line. You’ll see this option at the bottom of the design list. Custom artwork comes in black or white. These bags are popular nowadays and surely will make your event brighter! Also check out these Angel Pin Organza Bags, Midori Party Favor Bags and Embossed Favor Bags that will also add more passion and love to the atmosphere of your special event.

Personalized Bridal Goodie Bags

These Personalized Bridal Goodie Bags that we offer will definitely make you fall in love with them because they look cute and are extremely handy! They are what you need no matter what the occasion is because they will brighten up any celebration. They come in many different colors and various designs. Now the only thing required is your good image. You are even able to submit your own custom art that will make these bags look even more stunning. The ribbons come separately and the bags do not come hole-punched. So purchase these pretty looking bags with lovely treats, and your guests and your wedding day will be fantastic and filled with joy and happiness. You can place personalized Hershey’s Kisses or personalized Chocolate Coins in these bags and give them to your guests. These are the best selling wedding candies that make celebration smooth and sweet.