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Round Wedding Favor Gift Tags

We know how stressful it could be planning a wedding but with our great collection of high quality, wedding favors it’s going to be fun and easy. Check out our lovely Personalized Round Wedding Favor Gift Tags that will give your celebration a wonderful look. All you have to do is pick the colors and designs that you think are the most suitable and personalize these tags with names, dates or a “Thank You” message. They come individually cut and hole-punched. They have the pearly cotton strings which make them look unique. Also, these Round Tags will look fantastic with Clear Favor Boxes and Color Favor Boxes which we also have in our collection. There is also more to glance at in our collection like our Oval Wedding Favor Gift Tags that could hang from bags and boxes which are any sizes or shapes. This is just what you need for your celebration because we can ensure that your guests will be impressed and will never forget the event.

Personalized Round Wedding Labels

We couldn’t forget to offer you our amazing Personalized Round Wedding Labels that will look stunning on your wedding favors and gifts. These items add the most unique look to the gift or wedding favor. Your guests will be delighted seeing a wedding that is detailed and decorated in an original and unique way! These labels come in different sizes, with many different interesting designs and any colors. So make your choice and have a fun at your celebration. These labels can have some custom texts on them that can contain up to 22 characters for example dates or names. It’s good to add the labels to the Clear Top Favor Tins, Clear Favor Boxes or Travel Favors because that way they will have an even more stunning look. These types of wedding details will make your celebration be remembered for the years to come.

Personalized Diamond Wedding Favor Gift Tags and Labels

We have a special offer for you so your wedding will be the top wedding for each and everyone. When your guests will walk into your wedding the only thing that is going to be in their minds is ‘’Oh, my God, this is lovely” or “this is fantastic!” We offer you our unique Personalized Diamond Wedding Favor Gift Tags which will surely add a more unique touch to your event. There are many colors and designs for you to choose from and of course to make the perfect match. Then you can personalize the tags with names, date or “Thank You” message. They arrive individually cut and hole-punched. This is a perfect choice for your celebration because the more detailed your wedding is going to be the better effect it’s going to have on your guests! Also, we have these lovely Oval Labels that can be customized for a more unique look. You can add them to whatever you wish for example boxes and tins. They have unbelievable designs, they come in 3 sizes and there are many stylish colors to choose from. Also, you can add your custom text with names and dates. These labels will look fantastic on the Mini Clear Acrylic Favor Boxes and Clear Top Favor Tins because that is a perfect combination. So purchase these wonderful Oval Labels and you can be sure that your wedding is going to be the best!

Designer Wedding Labels & Stickers

By selling these wedding favors we don't only want you to decorate your event in the best and most unique way but to underline your style and personality! We offer you our Designer Labels that will surely have an effect on your guests. These labels are exactly what you’ve been looking for because no matter where you add them they will only make your wedding look more thought out and detailed. These labels are self-adhesive and have the mini works of art created professionally. There are also so many interesting designs and different colors to choose from. It hard to pick a few of them when you are looking at the collection that big! But we can ensure you that all of the labels are worth buying and attending your wedding. They will look outstanding on any and every box, jar or tin. Our labels can have your names or dates on them. All you have to do is make the decisions and have a wonderful and incredible wedding!